Juliet In The Rain

Aired on Saturdays from 11:40 p.m, starting August 4th.


Heroine Hikari's brother had been arrested for the murder that made her give up any happiness. Making a living as a cocktail waitress and supporting her hermit mother, her love to sing and dance remains her one saving grace.

One day, she happens to meet a childhood friend Kazuya who's about to inherit a prestigious restaurant. Living in a totally different world, she snubs him by saying "I'm no longer who I used to be." Her prisoned brother was set free and said he's innocent. Although being unable to believe what he said, she's eager to find the truth. There might be a hope to escape from darkness days. Kazuya empathizes with Hikari's 15 years of pain and trys to help her out. A woman in the darkness finds ray of light, man with success steps down to the darkness. Forbidden love suspense begins in the rain...


Miwako Kakei
Emma Miyazawa

Mari Hoshino

Mana Mikura
Konno Mahiru
Shinji Saito

Ren Kiriyama
Yuichi Kimura
Yuki Saito