Good Doctor

Aired on Thursdays from 10:00 p.m starting 12th July 2018


Minato Shindo (Kento Yamazaki), is a young man with Savant syndrome. The character has an astounding memory skills, however, he has difficulties communicating with others.

One day, Minato steps into the world of pediatric surgery as a trainee doctor. It has always been his lifelong dream to become a pediatric surgeon. Despite the prejudice and the hardship that he receives from those around him, he gives his all to save the lives of the children, whilst also being considerate of their emotional status. This is a story, rich in emotions, through the elaborate depiction of Minato and the children, growing up together through various experiences.

Despite his pure willingness to save the lives of children, differences of opinion with the hospital, lead to various clashes and problematic situations.

And, various questions arise from Minato and the others, such as the real meaning of being a good doctor, and also how one should live his or her life. These are just some of the questions which are raised in the story, all of which are sure to reach deep into the minds and the hearts of the viewers.


Kento Yamazaki
Juri Ueno
Naohito Fujiki

Shigeyuki Totsugi
Yuri Nakamura
Kenta Hamano

Itsuji Itao
Akira Emoto