Absolute Zero 3 

Aired on Mondays from 9:00 p.m starting July 9th, 2018


Previously a detective for public security, Norito Izawa gets transferred to the Documentation Division in the General Affairs Department, to become the head of office. Gathered at this Department are people who were uncontrollable at normal police stations. Despite being known as the department for “drifters,” the documentation division in fact has been assigned a major project at its backdrop.

This project entails the gathering up and analyzing data of the Japanese national public, to crack down on murders before they happen. These data include, personal information details, video footages from surveillance cameras, and information data from e-mails and telephone data. All of this get compiled to be analyzed through AI technology, alongside criminal documentation for the past 15 years. The Documentation Division has been assigned a mission. To pick up on early signs of potential criminal activity, and preventing them before they occur.


Ikki Sawamura
Yu Yokoyama
Tsubasa Honda
Tokio Emoto

Michiko Tanaka
Ikuji Nakamura

Mitsuru Hirata
Atsushi Ito
Aya Ueto (Special appearance)