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Ichiro Inuyashiki had been spending some salaryman lifestyle alienated away from his company and family. However, one day, he receives news from his doctor that he is terminally ill from cancer. That very evening, a UFO suddenly crashes down near him, this inevitably makes him turn into someone with a robot body. In other words, he has attained an incredible ability beyond human capacity.
At the same time, Hiro Shishigami who was also involved in the same incident had also attained this power, however, he begins to take advantage of his new ability using it freely in the way he wants. As a result, it becomes Ichiro’s mission to save those hurt by him. What is the true nature of a human being? Is it good or evil? Two people who have attained a great level of power starts a new journey.

©Hiroya Oku, KODANSHA/"Inuyashiki" Partners.