Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU 2016 ~A World of Wonders~ July 16th – August 31st

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Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU 2016
~A World of Wonders~

Once again, our annual summer event returns to Odaiba under the title, “Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU.” The Japanese words “Minna no” we’ve added to the title since last year means that it belongs to literally “everyone.” We want to bond with “everyone.” We want to see “everyone’s” smile. We want to make “everyone’s” dreams come true. And most of all, we want to make “our” summer a memorable one!
So keep your eyes peeled. It’s going to be the greatest summer festival you’ve ever seen.

Event Outline

Title Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU 2016 -A World of Wonders-
Term July 16th to August 31st (47 days total)
Hours 10:00am-6:00pm Daily
Ticket Price
(Tax Included)
  • 1 DAY Passport
    General Admission 2,000 yen
    Students (elementary & junior high school) 1,300 yen
    *Ticket fee admits entrance to Fuji TV headquarters (22F, 24F and 25F), minna no OMATSURI Land, and Izakaya EXILE PARK.
  • Night Ticket (For Izakaya EXILE PARK entry)
    General Admission 1,000 yen
    Students (elementary & junior high school) 500 yen
    *Ticket fee admits entrance to Izakaya EXILE PARK from 6pm. (On sale from 5:30pm)
    *Advance tickets for live performances and attractions may be available. Please note that some attractions require a pre-numbered ticket or an additional fee for admission. Please check the official website for details.
Location Fuji TV Headquarters / Odaiba & Aomi Area
(Nearest train station is Tokyo Teleport Station on Rinkai Line or Daiba Station on Yurikamome Line)
Transportation Rinkai Line: Tokyo Teleport Station
Yurikamome Line: Daiba Station
General Inquiry
0570-092-888 (10am to 6pm)
Official Website

Announcer PR Team & Navigators

Announcer PR Team

  • Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU PR Team

    (From Left to Right)
    Yuki Yamasaki, Yoko Shouno,
    Yuumi Nagashima, Yurika Mita

  • The nine "OMATSURI Otoko" Announcers

    (Back Row: From Left to Right)
    Shinichi Tanioka, Masato Omura, Ryusei Ikuta,
    Taisuke Uchino, Yoshihisa Sakanushi

    (Front Row: From Left to Right)
    Taisei Kurata, Daijiro Enami,
    Kazuhiro Watanabe, Mitsuhiro Nakamura


  • Nagano
  • Naomi Watanabe
  • Ryuchell



The popular “AQUA GARDEN” attraction returns to YUME-TAIRIKU again this year, this time with even more coolness! Odaiba will be covered with fresh icy snow so that you can escape the extreme summer heat of Tokyo. Try out the various water attractions or chill out in the box seats with your choice of specialty drink and food.
*Area may be closed in case of strong winds or harsh weather conditions.

DMM. Planets Art by teamLab

teamLab, the ultra-technologist group of programmers, engineers, designers, mathematicians and the like present to you their sensational digital art experience. The attraction extends to approximately 3,000㎡, comprised of digital art pieces that are intertwined like a maze. Digital art installation expressing outer space, “Wander through the Crystal Universe” will be recreated in a never before realized gigantic size, where visitors can contribute to the creation of the crystal universe through their smartphones.


Want to join the Straw Hat Pirates on their journey full of adventures? This year’s ONE PIECE attraction is GOLD and GOLD only! A 4m golden Luffy will welcome you to the area, where you can try out the Gran Tesoro Slider. Don’t forget to check out the limited special edition merchandise!


Now open for their 4th consecutive year, Izakaya EXILE PARK returns to YUME-TAIRIKU once again. Celebrating their 15th anniversary as a group, dance and vocal unit EXILE’s members have created an all original menu for the occasion, complete with a hearty meal selection, cool desserts, and even “dagashi,” a selection of low-priced candy, much like America’s penny-candy.
What’s more, visitors can enjoy various live performances by LDH agency artists right beside their dining table!

  • Open from July 16th to August 31st
  • Open Hours: 10am to 10pm (Final order at 9pm)
  • Purchase of 1 DAY Passport or Night Ticket is required for entry
  • There is a 2 hour stay limit for every customer

FujiTV 25F “Hachitama” Spherical Observation Room

Run for Money & Battle for Money –Activate the Android

Due to unknown cause, an error occurs to the androids’ CPU. Now all accumulated data has been erased and android “hunters” and “shinobi” cannot be activated. By challenging 4 missions, you can help recollect lost data to reactivate the androids.

“Hachitama” Run for Money & Battle for Money Shop

Goods from Run for Money and Battle for Money can be found right here at the official merchandise shop. Make sure to get your own pair of “Hunter” sunglasses before they sell out!

FujiTV 24F Floor


Take a close look at ONE PIECE manga artist Eiichiro Oda’s original drawings from the upcoming film “ONE PIECE FILM GOLD” and let the remarkable manga artist take you on a journey through his vision of Luffy’s world.

FujiTV 7F Rooftop Garden

Mecha Ike Cold Footbath

Dip your feet in a cold footbath and enjoy Mecha Ike’s specialty soft serve, the “Okalemon Soft Cream” while you take a break from the blazing sun.


ONE PIECE fans are likely familiar with this ocean-going restaurant, BARATIE. Enjoy the world of pirates through various ONE PIECE themed dishes which are both appealing to the eye and tasty. The restaurant is set to close its doors on September 30th, so hurry up and visit before the grand finale!”

F-Island Souvenir Shop

Fuji TV’s official merchandise shop has been renewed! Find goods from your favorite programs and characters like Mecha Ike, ONE PIECE and Dragon Ball. Don’t forget to grab souvenirs for friends and family!

FujiTV 1F

Odaiba Dream Experience presented by PlayStation VR

Utilizing PlayStation VR that will be released this fall, we bring you exclusive content from “A Girl & Three Sweethearts” as well as a special Mezamashi TV version of PlayStation VR title, “THE PLAYROOM VR.”

Chibi Maruko Chan Café

In addition to a super cute food and drink menu based on the anime’s characters, Chibi Maruko Chan Café offers a warm cozy atmosphere as well as a selection of limited-edition Chibimarukochan merchandise. Maru-chan and Tama-chan await your visit!

Sazae-san Shop

A special shop dedicated to Sazae-san. Available items include Sazae-san goods and sweets. Make sure you try the Sazae-san Imagawayaki which the staff will bake for you right in front of your eyes!