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Documentary program, “ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS~Environmental Refugees in a Sinking Continent” (tentative title) Airs on Saturday August 19th from 10.25 a.m.

Extreme weather conditions which have never been seen before, are occurring in succession around the world. Since April this year, intermittent heat waves with temperature of up to 53.5 degrees were recorded in areas ranging from Pakistan through to north-west India. Even in Japan, many areas are experiencing excessive heat waves and Guerrilla rainstorms, such as the heavy rain storms which hit Northern areas of Kyushu. It is said that climate change is one of the major reasons for these extreme weather conditions which are occurring around the world. All of this is something that is rapidly occurring around the world. Despite the hardships from these changes in the surrounding environment, a documentary program, which ingenuously follows children who are courageously living in these affected areas, airs on Saturday August 19th. Environmental Crisis~Environmental Refugees in a sinking continent(tentative title), airs from 10.25 a.m. on the Saturday “ChannelΣ” time slot.

The program starts off with India, a country which is almost an economic super power, but are suffering from floods and sea level rises. Also, other areas that are affected from heavy droughts are covered in the program. Moreover, interview footages of “environmental refugees” such as a young girl who has to walk 10 kilometers through a desert, just to fetch water, with temperatures reaching 50 degrees, and a family who are in danger of losing their island home, from sea level rises. It also covers “environmental refugees” who are taking refuge around the slums of Kolkata. “Environmental refugees” are people who have lost homes and land due to changes in the natural environment from climate change, and therefore are forced to flee their area. These groups of refugees are increasing each year, and it is predicted that by the year 2050, it is expected to reach one billion. The documentary footage has managed to capture lively and energetic children who are simply living each day as it comes, amid the changing environment due to climate change.

The program has depicted these children ingenuously, as they courageously live in the affected areas, which come with many hardships. Also, as a developed country, the program follows Japan’s current project which aims to tackle issues related to the rapid progression of global warming. The Ministry of the Environment are currently working on a research and development project for next-generation devices which utilizes Gallium Nitride, all of this with the aim of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by the year 2030. Professor Hiroshi Amano (University of Nagoya) who received the Nobel prize for physics in 2014, is one of the project’s main initiators. He states, that “if we utilize this material for the electrical circuit of all currently existing electrical appliances in Japan, then it is possible to save energy by up to 10%. Also, other projects by Japanese businesses which involves city development that takes the environment into consideration are highly appraised globally.

Including the “Futago Tamagawa Rise” Project, the program covers a city building project with the aim of acquiring a symbiosis with nature, as well as a regeneration project which deal with the rapid progress of coral extinction from global warming.
The program is narrated by the actress and singer, Mone Kamishiraishi, who has worked on many movies and drama up until now.

A young girl walks 10 kilometers through a desert, in the blazing heat for water.

A young girl looks at the ground on Ghoramara Island, which is gradually sinking due to rise in sea levels.