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Fuji TV and Other Odaiba Landmarks Turn Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fuji TV lights up its entire headquarters building in pink with GLITTER8* illumination on October 1 in recognition of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many other iconic landmarks across the Tokyo Waterfront City (Rinkai Fukutoshin) area such as Rainbow Bridge, Palette Town Ferris Wheel, the "YAKEI" illumination at DECKS Tokyo Beach, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Gate Bridge, as well as the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, will also turn pink for the occasion, showing support for the fight against Breast Cancer.

Since April 2015, Fuji TV lights up its headquarters building in various colors throughout the year to show support for both national and international causes and public awareness campaigns. Last year, the building was illuminated for 10 awareness campaigns, including World Autism Awareness Day (blue) and World AIDS Day (red).

*GLITTER8 is a spectacular LED window light show at Fuji TV headquarters building. Not only does it use over 700 LED lights to create various images, it also contains sound effects.

GLITTER8 Illumination at Fuji TV

The Tokyo Waterfront City Illuminated in Pink Lights


Fuji TV to produce a spinoff of "A Girl & Three Sweethearts" in Taiwan
starring Shuhei Nomura with all-star Taiwanese cast

Taiwanese Actress Sylvia Wang and Lead Actor Shuhei Nomura

Fuji Television is thrilled to announce the production of a special spinoff of its hit romantic comedy series "A Girl & Three Sweethearts" in Taiwan. Since its first broadcast in July, the series has been wildly popular in Japan, but it is also gaining overwhelming popularity in South Korea, Hong Kong, as well as other countries in Southeast Asia. Titled "心有所屬" ("A Girl & Three Sweethearts in Taiwan" (English working title), the spinoff is a co-production between Fuji Television and Comic Productions, a Taiwanese production company behind many hit shows, and is shot entirely in Taiwan. As a commemorative project for the channel launch of WAKUWAKU JAPAN in Taiwan on September 1, the spinoff is set to be broadcast on WAKUWAKU JAPAN in Taiwan along with the main series. Furthermore, it will be streamed exclusively on Fuji TV's video streaming service Fuji TV On Demand in Japan, beginning in mid-November.

In this spinoff, a Japanese actor Shuhei Nomura who speaks fluent Mandarin takes the leading role of Toma, the youngest of the three Shibasaki brothers and the same character he plays in the main series. The spinoff also features a star-studded cast of today's top Taiwanese actors and idols including Sylvia Wang, Teddy (of SpeXial), Ting (of A'N'D), and David Chiu.

With the upcoming broadcast in Taiwan, Fuji Television hopes that the spinoff, along with the main series, will draw a wider audience and attract new fans.

Set in a seaside town in Taiwan, Fey is an ordinary 20-year-old girl who works as a waitress at a local restaurant. She secretly has a little crush on the restaurant's 27-year-old owner-chef Tony. She was enjoying the summer days hanging out with her best friend Lulu and Tetsu, a friend from work. Then one day, Fey meets a 21-year-old Japanese guy named Toma on the beach. Immediately following their encounter, Toma tells Fey that he is in love with her. Fey is completely astounded at first, but…

Lead actor Shuhei Nomura says, "I promise to do my very best to create a great drama that the audience in Taiwan will enjoy, so please look forward to it."

Satoshi Kubota, Fuji TV producer of Worldwide Production and Sales in International Department, shares, "I am very excited that Japan's Getsuku drama is reaching beyond its shore and expanding in Asia, and continues to further broadening its world. Please look forward to the new "tide" of dramas that transcends borders and languages."

Ryota Fujino, Fuji TV Producer of Drama Production in Programming Department, commented that "I've had several opportunies to work in Taiwan in the past, so I've always felt a close connection with this wonderful country, so I'm extremely happy to be able to make this drama in Taiwan. As a creator, there's nothing more gratifying if this drama would be any help for connecting Taiwan and Japan."

■Title   心有所屬(Chinese Title) / A Girl & Three Sweethearts in Taiwan (English working title)

■Broadcast Date   Mid-November, 2016
■Streaming Date   Mid-November, 2016 (Through Fuji TV On Demand)

■Cast   Shuhei Nomura, Sylvia Wang, Teddy (of SpeXial), David Chiu, Ting
■Screenwriter   Haruka Okita
■Producers   Satoshi Kubota (Worldwide Production and Sales, International Department of Fuji TV)
           Ryota Fujino (Drama Production, Production Department, Fuji TV)
           Jerry Fen (COMIC PRODUCTIONS)

WAKUWAKU JAPAN is an entertainment channel which delivers a selection of popular Japanese programs, airing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with localized subtitles. In addition to four countries--Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand--, WAKUWAKU JAPAN has been officially launched in Taiwan on September 1, 2016, on five platforms including cable TV and IPTV. (Number of possible viewers and household: Approximately 4.7 million viewers (1.7 million households).

Based in Taiwan, COMIC PRODUCTION is an acclaimed production company behind many popular romance TV shows, including the Taiwanese versions of "Boys over Flowers" and "Mischievous Kiss."


Fuji TV footage to serve as reference for restoring quake-damaged Kumamoto Castle

We are delighted to announce that the drone footage from the Fuji TV-produced in-flight video program "SKY EYE – Message from the Sky" shot in 2013 serve as reference for restoration work on quake-damaged Kumamoto Castle.

The 400-year-old Kumamoto Castle suffered extensive damage by a series of powerful earthquakes that hit central Kyushu beginning on April 14, 2016. Work to repair collapsed stone walls, the tenshukaku (castle keep), and other damaged properties which are state-designated cultural assets, is now underway. As part of this initiative, Fuji TV's footage of the before-quake Kumamoto Castle captured using a remote-controlled drone has been entrusted to the team of restoration experts to serve as an important reference material to restore the historic castle back to its earlier grandeur and appearance.

Kiyoshi Hirai, an expert on, historical architecture commented that these aerial footage vividly captures rare close-up details and high-angle shots of the castle when it still had all of its structure intact, therefore it is extremely helpful in the long restoration process that lie ahead.

Aerial footage of Kumamoto Castle before the quake

Footage of Kumamoto Castle captured by drone in 2013


Fuji TV signs strategic partnership agreement with
KKBOX Group to offer online streaming of its video content in Taiwan

"The Single Teacher Miss Hayako"

Fuji Television Network, Inc. (hereafter Fuji TV) is pleased to announce that it has concluded a strategic partnership with KKTV Co., Ltd. (hereafter KKTV), the first OTT video service introduced by Asia's top music streaming service provider KKBOX Group, to launch streaming of a variety of its dramas and variety shows in Taiwan, where demand for Japanese content is particularly high.

Since 2013, Fuji TV has been proactively providing many of its dramas via online VOD streaming services in North America, Central and South America, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. Through this strategic partnership with KKTV, Fuji TV aims to further increase popularity and expand distribution of its content in Taiwan where it already enjoys a strong fan base.

KKTV was established in Taiwan in 2016 by KKBOX, an affiliate of KDDI. This new service is targeted towards the already-existing subscribers of KKBOX' streaming music service as well as younger generations of viewers who are accustomed to watching video content online.

Under the new partnership, Fuji TV will provide an array of its hit dramas from the past, including the recently-aired "The Single Teacher Miss Hayako" (series aired April to June 2016) and one of its brand-new original drama for the summer season "Natsuko Kira," which premieres on Thursday, July 21.

Comments from Fuji TV and KKTV executives and additional information


Fuji TV hosts 44th International Emmy® Awards semi-final round of judging

International Emmy® Awards Semi-Final Round of Judging @ Fuji TV

Fuji Television is proud to announce another successful semi-final round of judging of the International Emmys that took place at its main headquarters on June 30th, 2016. This is Fuji TV’s fourth consecutive year to host the prestigious event, this year for the drama series category.

A selected panel of 12 TV experts from 4 countries and 2 regions, consisting of industry elites in Asia, viewed and critiqued 8 drama entries. It took the panel 8 hours of intensive judging to evaluate the selected dramas, followed by a dinner party at the Ristorante Mangiare Odaiba, a beautiful Italian restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the majestic night view of Tokyo’s city lights.

The final round and the announcement of nominees for each category will take place in September this year. The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will reveal the winners during the 44th Annual International Emmy® Awards presentation in New York come November.

Comments from the jurors and additional information


Fuji Network to set up disaster relief charity for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

Fuji Network has set up a disaster relief charity SAZAE-SAN BOKIN asking everyone to contribute and extend support to those affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Monetary donations will be accepted until May 31, 2016, and all contirbutions will be sent to the earthquake victims via the Japanese Red Cross Society. Your help is deeply appreciated!

For more details about SAZAE-SAN BOKIN


“The Scales of Death” receives Rockie Award Nomination at BANFF

"The Scales of Death"

Fuji TV’s original web animation series, “The Scales of Death” has been nominated for a Rockie Award in the Animation Category of this year’s Banff World Media Festival (BANFF). The Rockie Awards is the flagship program competition of BANFF that celebrates excellence in TV and digital content from around the world. This year, the nominees were selected by over 350 entertainment and media industry professionals from around the world with submissions that spanned more than 40 countries.
“The Scales of Death” is a short animation series that was released on Fuji TV’s On-Demand platform last summer in 2015. Set in modern times, the story follows the life of an anonymous assassin with special psychokinetic powers on his journey to complete his mission.

"The Scales of Death" On-Demand Official Website:
http://fod.fujitv.co.jp/s/genre/anime/ser5263 (Japanese)

For the full list of BANFF Rockie Award nominees, please visit:

For additional information about BANFF:


“Desperate Working Mothers of Tokyo: The Ultimate Decision” and “PSYCHO-PASS 2” win Silver World Medals at this year’s New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Fuji TV's documentary program "Desperate Working Mothers of Tokyo: The Ultimate Decision" and animation program "PSYCHO-PASS 2" were honored with Silver World Medals at this year's New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards.

Founded in 1957, the New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards is one of the world's finest Television and Films competition that honors programming of all lengths and forms from over 50 countries. Each year, the competition is judged by award winning directors, producers, writers, actors and various other creative media professionals from across the globe who review submissions in the most current and relevant categories to award creativity across all media.

At this year's competition, Fuji TV has been awarded a total of five prizes including two Silver World Medals and three Finalist Certificates. Below are the full list of our finalists and winners:

-Silver World Medal-
"Desperate Working Mothers of Tokyo: The Ultimate Decision"(Social Issues)
"PSYCHO-PASS 2"(Animated Program)

-Finalist Certificate-
"The Nonfiction: Tears of a Thief"(Biography/Profiles)
"Dating: What's it like to be in love?"(Drama)
"Typhoon Noruda"(Short Films)

For further information on awards received in the past, please refer to the link below:

For more information on the New York Festivals® International TV & Film Awards, visit: http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/tvfilm/

Silver World Medal Awarded Programs

At the Awards Ceremony


Fuji TV to launch a large-scale project PARA☆DO to further promote para-sports

PARA☆DO Project

Fuji TV newly launches a large-scale, cross-platform project entitled PARA☆DO! to expand promotion of para-sports and broaden the appeal of para-athletes. The project employs diverse media mediums including TV shows, events, the Internet, and social platforms.

1. TV shows:
A regular TV show devoted to para-sports "PARA☆DO" will start airing on Fuji TV on Wednesday, April 13. (every Wednesdays at 22:54 to 23:00, Kanto region only). A sports news program "Sports LIFE HERO'S" (aired on Saturdays at 24:35 to 25:15 and Sundays at 23:15 to 24:30) will also feature in-depth coverage of para-athletes. Additionally, various other non-sports programs will include para-sports related topics to boost exposure and generate more excitement for the sports.

2. Events:
With the support from The Nippon Foundation Paralympic Support Center, seminars on para-sports will be held every month where industry experts and players engaged in para-sports are invited to give talks. The monthly seminar will provide the public with an opportunity to interact with para-athletes and help them to become more familiar with para-sports.

3. The Internet media and social platforms:
Launched on April 8, PARA☆DO Portal Site serves as the hub for all information related to PARA☆DO Project. Moreover, latest information on para-sports events and competitions is provided regularly on official Twitter and Facebook accounts of this portal and through official LINE account of "Sports LIFE HERO'S" as well. These social media outlets also enable to connect para-sports between fans and users.

Please stay tuned and look forward to further exciting development of PARADA☆DO Project going forward!

-PARA☆DO Portal Site: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/sports/parado/index.html
-Twitter Account: @fujitv_parado
-Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/fujitvparado/


Fuji TV Launches the First Data Broadcasting Service for Natural Disaster Information in English

Fuji Television Network, Inc. (Fuji TV) has announced that it has launched a data broadcasting service for earthquake and tsunami information in English, starting from March 31, 2016.

Fuji TV provides viewers with useful information around their daily lives on TV screen via non-linked data broadcasting service. (The information can be displayed on screen anytime by clicking on the d-button of a TV remote control.) The information available includes current news, traffic reports, weather forecasts, as well as supplementary information that are closely tied to the on-air programs. Along with these contents, Fuji TV also offers real-time disaster information on tsunamis and earthquakes of over level 3 on the JMA Seismic Intensity Scale. However, these disaster-related information were displayed only in Japanese, therefore they were not understandable to non-Japanese speakers. With the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming in 2020 and the current trend, the number of foreign tourists and residents in Japan is expected to increase even more. Under such prospects, Fuji TV has started offering earthquake and tsunami information in English via its data broadcasting service in an effort to help improve safety of non-Japanese speakers.

Fuji TV began making preparation since the summer of 2014 and achieved development and implementation of an automatic real-time translation system of disaster-related information announced by Japan Meteorological Agency. Fuji TV aims to offer this service in languages other than English in the future and will strive to further improve its quality.

Following disaster-related information is available in English:

When an earthquake of level 3 or above on the JMA Seismic Intensity Scale of 7 has occurred:
-Regions with earthquakes of level 3 or above on the JMA Seismic Intensity Scale of 7
-Map with the epicenter and the intensity level of the earthquake
-Information archive for the latest earthquake

When tsunami advisory/tsunami warning/large tsunami warning is issued:
-Tsunami Advisory/Tsunami Warning/Large Tsunami Warning
-Regions with possible risks of tsunami, estimated arrival times and wave heights
-Arrival times and wave heights of tsunami

*Note: This service is currently available only in the broadcasting area of Fuji TV, which includes seven prefectures of the Kanto region (Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, and Kanagawa).

Main Screen for Disaster Information

Earthquake Information