News ‘n’ Dinner
Aired on Sundays from 7:58 to 8:54PM

Revolutionary Talk-Variety Show That Generates News Through Talking About the News!

“News ‘n’ Dinner” premieres this fall featuring a star-studded cast of entertainers. The show’s MCs are Ken Watabe from a comedy duo Anjash and an ex-TBS announcer Minami Tanaka. For Watabe, it is his first time being the MC of a regular golden-time program, while for Minami Tanaka this will be her first regular show to MC after leaving TBS and became freelance TV announcer. And that’s not all… Appearing as the host who preside this Dinner is a legendary entertainer Akihiro Miwa. This is Miwa’s very first time taking on such a role in Fuji TV’s regular variety programs.

“News ‘n’ Dinner” picks up inspirational and heartwarming news stories that actually capture people’s attention. The Dinner is hosted as a place to exchange opinions and bring fresh different perspectives on the given topics. This show brings together guests from a wide spectrum of genres and backgrounds, varying from scathing actresses, handsome actors, cultural figures, unique foreigners and transgender entertainers who haven’t gained much exposure in the mainstream media, etc. But one thing these guests have in common is that they all have an odd quirk or two. In every episode, these unusual and unique guests talk and engage in open and lively conversation about current events or trending topics, which may later create a new buzz and sensations. This is a brand new type of talk-variety show where “news” is born from talking about the news!