Asunaro Labo - A Social Experiment Variety Show -
Aired on Sundays from 9:00 - 9:54 p.m.

Similar to the Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) tree is the Thujopsis (Asunaro), and a popular allegory behind Asunaro is “Asu wa hinoki ni narou”, or “Tomorrow I shall become a Hinoki”. Following this attitude, or to better oneself for tomorrow, the show Asunaro Labo aims to better modern day lifestyles through execution of social experiments.

In example, a celebrity becomes a “tester” in a village so-called the “Genkai Shuraku” where the village is experiencing depopulation and is in danger of disappearing altogether, largely because more than half of the people living there are over age 65. By promoting the village through local specialities, tourist attractions, festivals and the likes, the celebrity will try to promote the village’s hidden charm to tourists. The final goal will be to revitalize the town, or to return the village to its former state when depopulation wasn’t an issue. Similarily, another celebrity “tester” will visit 47 prefectures to discover exquisite gourmet foods.

The very first celebrity “tester” will be Nana Suzuki who will take on the challenge to see if she can “Tour the world through day job pay” in Australia. Navigators Kouji Katou and Aya Takashima will guide the audience in discovering more about nature, Japan, society, the world and more!