Akan Police
Aired on Sundays from 7:58 – 8:59 p.m.

Beloved comedians Downtown host this hilarious variety show, presenting “Akan” incidents sent in from viewers. What exactly is an “Akan” incident? Well, for one, “Akan” is a Kansai regional dialect meaning “no good”. Therefore, an “Akan” incident is an incident that just seems “wrong” one way or another. For instance, one “Akan” incident may involve “Knock-off Japanese mascot characters looking incredibly sloppy”, “Senryu (short poem) contest where the bars are set lower than low” or “The next-door Akan housewife” and so on. Additionally, the show will undertake research and investigations in “Akan” research, as well as gathering tip-offs from viewers about “Akan” people in their neighborhoods.