Thermae Romae II
Release Date : April 26, 2014


“Wow! I’m back.” 
It set the world on fire. The greatest “bath” movie ever made. The miraculous cast reunited!!
Ancient Roman bath architect Lucius becomes an overnight sensation for his innovative bath (thermae) creations. Commissioned to build a thermae for gladiators in the Colosseum, Lucius struggles for inspiration and time slips once again into modern-day Japan (but only into baths). He is reunited with Mami (of the Flat-faced Clan = Japanese) who has become a specialty bath magazine writer. Soon they are caught up in the conflict between the pacifistic Emperor Hadrianus and the militaristic Roman Senate. Can Lucius and the Japanese bath culture save the Roman Empire from splitting in two?! The stage is set for the most spectacular bath comedy extravaganza the world has ever seen! A BATH LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Official Selection – 37th Toronto International Film Festival
Winner – 36th Japan Academy Awards, Best Actor in a Leading Role


Hiroshi Abe
Aya Ueto
Kazuki Kitamura
Riki Takeuchi and more!