Release Date : January 11, 2014


The Santa Monica Advertising Festival in the United States is the largest and most prestigious event of its kind, where commercials from various countries compete to be named the world's best. In Japan, a lowly ad agency employee named Ohta Kiichiro is ordered by his boss Ohtaki Ichiro, the most devious man in his company, to travel to Santa Monica and take part in the festival as a member of the competition jury. When the single Ohta learns that he will need a partner to take along to the festival parties held every night, he pleads with his go-getting female colleague Hikari to accompany him and pretend to be his wife. Although she initially refuses, her love of gambling and the chance to try her luck at casinos in nearby Las Vegas prove too powerful to resist, and she reluctantly agrees to go along. However, Ohta's English ability is severely lacking and he has no idea of what being a festival juror entails, so he ends up receiving a crash-course in useful English phrases and jury tactics from Kagami, a mysterious and rather dubious colleague who has been demoted to an obscure section of the company for some unknown reason...The festival eventually gets underway, and the prestigious members of the jury from around the world argue the merits of the various entries in vigorous meetings. Before long, Ohta is informed of a shocking reality: if he does not guide his company's commercial to victory, he will be out of a job! While his fellow jurors engage in all kinds of dirty tricks and deceptions in a frantic bid to win the top award, an elite adwoman from a rival company, Kizawa Haruka, also enters the fray. Ohta does his best to keep up with the others, armed only with his honest-to-a-fault nature and a handful of English phrases taught to him by Kagami. As Hikari assists him in his mission, the fake married couple gradually grows closer...Who will get their hands on the Grand Prix? How will the unlikely romance between Ohta and Hikari develop? And what will ultimately become of our hero Ohta, as he struggles to stay true to himself while battling with the corrupt political games played by the festival jury?


Lily Franky