Release Date : October 19, 2013


“I won’t die!” The line that became one of the most well-known lines in the history of Japanese TV drama punched out a viewer ratings high of 36.7% in 1991. The drama was called “The 101st Proposal,” airing on Fuji TV’s Monday 9 p.m. slot. Since then the drama has managed to cross borders to be aired in Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Now the drama returns as a remake film, created by top Asian creators of today. Entitled “SAY YES,” the film opened in China this February, collecting a total of 3 billion yen in box office revenue and over 6.6 million in audiences.

Japanese actress Atsuko Asano passes on her role as the beautiful cellist to Taiwanese top star Chi-ling Lin, known for her roles in “Red Cliff Part I&II” or “Moon Lovers”. She too has seen “The 101st Proposal” at the initial time of its airing, and has confidence that she can demonstrate another side to main character Kaoru Yabuki. Playing opposite Chi-ling Lin is the “man who failed 99 dates,” or Bo Huang, a top Chinese actor whose recent appearances in films have collected over 3 hundred billion yen in total box office revenue. Together, they are perhaps the grandest duo of China today and will bring you the ultimate love experience on screen. It’s the remarkable love story you won’t be able to say no to!