The After-Dinner Mysteries
Release date : August 3, 2013


“Pardon me for saying this, but are you blind as a bat?”
A movie adaptation of the grand prize winner of the 2011 Honya (Bookshop) Award and a bestselling mystery that has sold 3 million copies whose main characters are an extraordinary duo made up of a sharp-tongued butler and an heiress cop. The novel was made into a TV series in fall 2011 on the Fuji Network, and the loveable, off-the-wall characters and the humor-packed cases were brought to real life by its stars Sho Sakurai, member of top idol group Arashi, and Keiko Kitagawa, one of the most popular actresses in Japan today. The TV series captivated audiences of all ages and maintained an average viewer rating of 15.9%. A post-series television special was aired as early as March 2012 in response to the passionate requests by fans (viewer rating 14.7%). The mysterious, strikingly unique butler with audacious, fascinatingly deductive reasoning skills is known as the “armchair sleuth,” who unravels mysteries just by having the cases explained to him, and he is the new detective hero of the times that rivals Sherlock Holmes and Ninzaburo Furuhata.


Butler-slash-sleuth Kageyama up against a serial murderer on a luxury liner!
Reiko Hosho, the Hosho conglomerate heiress, and her butler, Kageyama, board the Singapore-bound The Princess Reiko, a luxury cruise ship owned by the Hoshos. It is Reiko’s first time in 18 years to embark this ship that is like a small town in itself, complete with restaurants, casino, spa, and movie theater.
Reiko looks forward to her long-deserved vacation, but an odd dead body is discovered onboard. Then she hears that man’s voice resonate through the charged atmosphere… “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” It is her boss, Captain Kazamatsuri, who specializes in throwing cases off course with his ridiculous theories. To Reiko’s chagrin, he is also on the ship to guard the K Lion, a statue to be presented to Singapore from the city of Kunitachi. Even on the ship, Reiko is forced to play her dual role as heiress and detective.
Seven days until their arrival in Singapore. The murderer, hiding among 3,000 passengers and crewmembers, must be apprehended.
Then another incident occurs, and another after that. “Miss Reiko, I have no clue about the truth behind this mystery.” The answer even eludes Kageyama and his brilliant mind.
What is the perpetrator after?
Soon, Kageyama realizes that the victims have something in common, but among the turmoil, Reiko is kidnapped…

The movie was shot on location overseas—something that was never done in the TV series or the TV special—and the murder this time occurs behind locked doors on a luxury liner.
In this large-scale production of a feature movie, Reiko Hosho may even be the perpetrator’s target! What kind of fight will Kageyama put up to protect his master?!
The series’ greatest mystery solving is now a movie!!


Sho Sakurai
Keiko Kitagawa
Kippei Shiina