Maruyama, the Middle Schooler


Director Kudo set his first movie in 4 years in a housing project.
It's about an enigmatic single father, a middle school boy and their wild and weird fantasies!

The wait is over! Here is the latest movie from the director Kankuro Kudo. This is Kudo's third movie after Yaji and Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims and Brass Knuckle Boys and he wrote it himself. It's a coming-of-age story about a horny teenage boy who has wacky and weird fantasies. Meeting an enigmatic single father changes his life unexpectedly.
Katsuya Maruyama(played by Takuma Hiraoka) comes up with a exercise routine to make him limber and flexible all in the pursuit of a lewd goal. As a result whenever his spine pops, he loses himself in a wild fantasy. One day a new neighbor, Tatsuo Shimoi(played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) moves in. When Shimoi blends in unnaturally well with the housewives, Katsuya becomes curious about this mysterious man. Soon after Shimoi moved in, a murdered body is found nearby. Katsuya fantasizes that Shimoi is a skilled assassin named Lone Wolf. Katsuya and Shimoi end up befriending each other and concoct crime-fighting stories with their neighbors as the heroes.

Sensitive and fragile Katsuya tends to hide in his fantasies- a reminder of what it is to be a typical adolescent. Shimoi accepts Katsuya for who he is, as he approaches maturity. You'll see yourself in this boy and his struggles and you will be touched, regardless of your age.

Maruyama, the Middle Schooler is the coming-of-age tale of a boy. It's the story of a family. It's for adolescents and for anyone who has been an adolescent. Balancing a variety of elements, Maruyama, the Middle Schooler makes a hell of a Fantasy-driven Action Movie.


Katsuya Maruyama (played by Takuma Hiraoka) is in his second year at a local middle school. His life revolves around his housing project apartment and the school. He lives with his mediocre dad Katsuyuki(played by Toru Nakamura), his plain mom Mizuki(played by Maki Sakai) and his annoying sister Akane(Nanami Nabemoto). His Dad's only pleasure is fruit and erotic online videos. He puts out the garbage and is home by 6. Mom is a housewife who lives for Korean melodramas. His sister is a 5th grader who's concerned about her inexperience in matters of love. Katsuya is in a adolescent whirlpool. He exercises daily to become flexible, in order to reach his...lewd goal. He also joins the school wrestling team and takes very hot baths hoping to make his body malleable. He drinks vinegar and does Toe Touches every idle second he finds, at team exercise, in the bath and in bed. Through this routine he can lose himself in his fantasy when his spine pops!

Then a man moves into the upstairs apartment. His name is Tatsuo Shimoi(played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi).

Single dad, Shimoi pushes his son in his stroller wherever he goes and blends in effortlessly with the gossipy housewives. He doesn't appear to be employed. One day on his way back from school, Katsuya meets Shimoi in the elevator. Then Shimoi shocks him by telling him, "I hope you'll reach it soon." Katsuya panics and is convinced that Shimoi knows about his secret exercise! To determine if this is true, Katsuya decides to keep an eye on Shimoi.


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Takuma Hiraoka
Kenji Endo
Ik-June Yang
Maki Sakai
Toru Nakamura