Release date: December 15, 2012


“ONE PIECE” has held record figures for Japan in selling over 260 million total manga volumes to date, and initial print runs of four million copies (volumes 64, 65&66) as well as the highest ratings of any TV anime series in Japan’s history: 16.3%! And the tenth movie, “STRONG WORLD” was a record-setting hit!
Now, three years later—the long-awaited latest feature film is finally on its way! With Eiichiro Oda as executive producer, this first theatrical outing in the New World can be depicted with the same level of quality as the original story! With a screenplay by Osamu Suzuki, an opening song by Yasutaka Nakata (capsule), and main theme songs by Avril Lavigne, this historical project represents a fitting collaboration of leading creators!


A group flying an eerie mark on their flag has arrived at an island in the New World—the latter half of the Grand Line. Their ringleader is Zetto, the former Navy admiral. The goal of this group, calling itself the Neo Navy, is to steal a mineral called Dynarock, which possesses enormous energy said to be the rival of ancient weapons. When Zetto and his cronies Ain and Binz succeed in seizing the Dynarock, his grand plan to wipe out all pirates is set into motion, and it will shake the New World to its very core…
Meanwhile, the Straw Hats press on through the New World without incident. Suddenly they find Zetto floating in the water before them, covered in wounds and with a jumbo weapon equipped on his right arm. Cautious of the unusual-looking weapon, Luffy and crew tend to his injuries. However, when Zetto regains consciousness and realizes the Straw Hats are pirates, he attacks them without hesitation. The crew fights back, but they’re overwhelmed by Zetto’s fierce attack, which is fueled by his hatred of pirates. The Sunny ship is partially destroyed, and the crew is at a loss against their enemy’s abilities. Then to make matters worse, Naval Headquarters’ Justice attacks. And even though he’s left the Navy, Aokiji is secretly following the Straw Hats. Even in the face of one mighty power bearing down after the next, Luffy and crew absolutely refuse to stop, and before long they’re up against a conflict that will determine the fate of the New World! A life or death struggle unlike any in history is about to unfold…

©Eiichiro Oda/“2012 One Piece” production committee