Release date: March 30, 2013


Since its first release in 1984 on Weekly Shonen Jump, the comic "Dragon ball" was at the top of its game for over 10 years. The animation series was aired for over 11 years, maintaining viewer ratings at over 20%, and all 17 theatrical releases were big hits. Strong characters like Son Goku, and hard core battle techniques like “Kamehameha” set trends for the young generation.

Even now, 17 years after the comic series ended, the popularity of the series does not show any decline. In 2009, the Dragon ball series returned using the hand of digital technology, with the production and airing of "Dragon ball KAI". The digital card game, "Dragon ball Heroes", also became a big hit among children, and the Dragon ball frenzy continues to grow in generations following that of the real-time fans.

The animation series has been aired in over 40 countries, comics sold in over 24 countries, and total sales of comic books worldwide have reached over 230 million copies. The Dragon ball series continues to fascinate people from all different generations and nationalities.


A few years after the fierce and fateful battle against Majin Buu.... The peaceful planet of earth is once again about to face great danger. "There are gods who create planets and create life, and gods who destroy them..." Beers, The God of Destruction, whose existence maintains the balance of the universe, has risen from a long and deep sleep. He is known to destroy without limit once he is displeased with anything. Beers is such a threat that even Kaioshin is alarmed by his awakening. Upon hearing of Goku, a Saiyan who had once defeated Frieza, Beers and Whis head to planet Kaio. Goku is excited at the opportunity to battle someone with great powers, and despite Kaio's warnings, he takes on the challenge. However, he is left only to be completely defeated and powerless against the overwhelming strength of Beers and Whis. "I hope the planet earth will have someone more worthy of destroying..." with these words, Beers leaves planet Kaio. Will Vegeta, Gohan and Goku be able to stop Beers's appetite for destruction?! With the greatest destroyer before them, earth's ultimate warriors will arise once again.                                                           ©BIRD STUDIO /SHUEISHA ©2013 DRAGON BALL Z the Movie Production Committee