Release date: February 23, 2013


Its original title in Japanese known as "THE MORTUARY", REUNION is a 3.11 requiem written and directed by Ryoichi Kimizuka. "Returning as many bodies to their families as humanly possible. That was the goal."Following the Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami amid all the tumult and confusion, countless bodies began to be found and were carried to makeshift morgues. "Treat them as if they are still alive," one man said as he worked to relax the stiffened muscles of the bodies, gently extended their knees and elbows, pursed their open mouths and returned a peaceful countenance to their faces. Based on the true story and the reportage by Kota Ishii.


Toshiyuki Nishida
Mirai Shida (Nobody to Watch over Me)
Ikki Sawamura
Wakana Sakai
Shiro Sano
Koichi Sato
Toshiro Yanagiba

Written & Directed by Ryoichi Kimizuka