Release date: September 7, 2012


15 years of entertainment history finally comes to an end in this swan song. In his final investigation, Aoshima (Yuji Oda), section chief at the Metropolitan Police HQ) is going to find himself facing off against a man with a sense of justice driven by evil.

With the opening of the International Energy Summit in their jurisdiction, the Bayside precinct is rushed off its feet. Amid all this, an abduction takes place in front of the crowded venue. Several hours later, the victim is found dead from a gunshot. The murder weapon however, was a gun supposed to be under police lock and key.

When the emergency investigation briefing begins, the local precinct team learns that all information will be controlled by Commander Torigai (Shun Oguri) of the Metropolitan Police HQ and they are going to be shut out. All leads are to be submitted in writing and no ballistic report is forthcoming. It's an unprecedented lock down on information.

Then comes the second murder.

As the investigation proceeds, Aoshima's professionalism comes under suspicion and an official call for his resignation results. Amid the upper ranks, his mentor Muroi (Toshiro Yanagiba) is at the receiving end of a major shift in the political currents and is threatened with dismissal. Even so, the two of them and their respective teams persevere at the investigation.

Until, as if to mock their efforts, a third incident occurs. The Precinct Chief Mashita's son is kidnapped!

With his status as an officer under threat and beset by suspicions, Aoshima struggles on in pursuit of the truth. It's his hardest task yet and although he doesn't know it, his last...


Yuji Oda / Toshiro Yanagiba / Eri Fukatsu / Yusuke Santamaria