Release date: November 17, 2012


“Ninkyou Helper” Ex-yakuza Hikoichi (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) struggles to live an “ordinary” life while working at a convenience store. One night, a masked robber holds up the store. When Hikoichi disarms him, he sees that the culprit is a desperate old man, and ends up giving him all the money in the register. He tells the owner that he will pay him back out of his own pocket, but the incredulous owner turns him in to the police. One year later, Hikoichi is reunited with the old convenience store thief Tsutai (Masaaki Sakai) in prison. With nowhere to go after serving his time, Hikoichi decides to visit Tsutai’s small, seaside hometown.

Along with his new underling Seiji, (Shunsuke Kazama) Hikoichi takes on a loan shark / elderly care business for the local yakuza. Although the “Seagull House” is called a “nursing home” it turns out to be a run-down, foul-smelling dump. Here, Hikoichi finds abandoned, bankrupt senior citizens crammed into prefab huts.

Hikoichi meets Yoko (Narumi Yasuda) who harbors a deep hatred of yakuza. Yoko is taking care of her senile mother while raising two young kids. When Yoko is forced to discharge her mother from an expensive senior care facility, she has nowhere to turn except for “Seagull House.”

Hikoichi resolves to make some bold changes to save the destitute “Seagull House.”


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi / Narumi Yasuda / Kaho,/ Shunsuke Kazama,/ Meisa Kuroki (guest appearance) / Masaaki Sakai (special appearance) / Tetta Sugimoto / Ryudo Uzaki / Teruyuki Kagawa