Release date: October 27, 2012


Is it love, medicare, or murder? It’s an epitome of a love story Suo-style.
Tamiyo Kusakari and Koji Yakusho star together again 16 years after Shall We Dance?(1996) that won every award it was nominated for in the Japan Academy Prize and was additionally remade in Hollywood. I Just Didn’t Do It (2007) won 30 major movie awards. Now Japan’s leading movie director Masayuki Suo presents to the world a true love story that is a quiet, complete portrayal of people faced with love and death.

Ayano Orii (Tamiyo Kusakari) is an elite respiratory specialist and a popular doctor with the patients. She becomes depressed and attempts suicide after Dr. Takai (Tadanobu Asano), a married colleague and her long-time lover, breaks up with her. She finds solace through a compassionate patient, Taizo Egi, who is often hospitalized with severe asthma. Ayano and Egi open up to each other and develop a deep bond that transcends the doctor-patient relationship.
Meanwhile, Egi’s condition is worsening. Realizing that his life is coming to an end, Egi implores Ayano to do something for him. “You’re the only one I can trust. When my time comes, let me go quickly without suffering.”

Two months later, Egi goes into respiratory arrest. Should she honor her promise with Egi and halt life support, or should she try to prolong a patient’s life as long as he is still alive? Trapped between “love” and “medical care,” Ayano makes the grave decision. Three years later, her decision develops into a criminal case. Prosecutor Tsukahara (Takao Osawa) ferociously accuses Ayano of murder. And Ayano responds to the prosecution with a strong will of her own…


Tamiyo Kusakari / Koji Yakusho / Tadanobu Asano / Takao Osawa