Brave Hearts UMIZARU
Release date: July 13, 2012


Japan Coast Guard officer, Daisuke Senzaki along with his long-time buddy, Tetsuya Yoshioka have climbed the ladder to join the Coast Guard's most elite ranks as members of the national Special Search-and-Rescue Operations Corps. On the other hand, Daisuke's wife, Kanna is pregnant with their second child while eldest son Taiyo grows increasingly aware of the world around him.

It is then that a G-Wing Airlines flight out of Sydney, bound for Haneda Airport, finds itself with serious engine trouble after a mid-flight explosion. On board Flight 206 is Yoshioka's girlfriend, a cabin attendant named Mika Yabe. Although she had rebuffed Yoshioka's proposal of marriage to her signaling a breakup, Yoshioka's only wish is for her to get home alive. He bravely suppresses any extraneous emotions to join the operation with Daisuke. But Flight 206 appears certain to end in a crash landing disaster.

With hydraulic systems on the plane rendered completely inoperable, the only choice that remains is for a fuselage landing without landing gear. An attempted landing at sea offered up as an alternative and Daisuke comes up with a proposal to construct a landing strip on Tokyo Bay using lighted buoys and other flotation lights.

Meanwhile, the plane has only enough fuel to fly another 60 minutes. Everything has to be put in place immediately, and even so, the odds of success are low. Should the plane land successfully on the water, rescue teams would have only 20 minutes before the fuselage sinks 60 meters to the bottom of the bay. Before that happens, all passengers and crew must be rescued.


Hideaki Ito / Ai Kato / Ryuta Sato / Riisa Naka / Shohei Miura / Hiroyuki Hirayama / Tsuyoshi Ihara / Saburo Tokito