Release date: January 14, 2012


Three flunky employees of Kimura Electric - Kobayashi, Ota and Nagai -- are ordered by the company president to develop a bipedal robot to promote the company in an upcoming Robot Expo. But just one week before the big event, the robot-in-production, “New Shiokaze” is smashed to smithereens! The desperate trio hatches a plan to insert a human inside a robot and holds an audition to find a candidate that fits perfectly inside a robot costume. They choose 73-year old Shigemitsu Suzuki, a lonely, retired office worker. Little do they know that grandpa Suzuki is a crackpot…And when a robot-crazy female college student, Yoko, falls in love with “New Shiokaze,” things really begin to go haywire…


Shinjiro Igarashi, Gaku Hamada, Shogo Kawai, Junya Kawashima, Yuriko Yoshitaka