Release date: March 3, 2012


What is a “Liar Game?” It’s a game where one day you receive an invitation with one hundred million yen in cash and try to deceive those in the same situation, scramblling for each other’s money. Once you open the envelope of the invitation, there is no going back. You must partake in the extreme game, whether you have confidence or not.

It’s been 2 years from the final stage. It seemed as if Liar Game had come to an end until the Liar Game administration is mysteriously revived and plans the biggest revenge game yet to date. This time, the target is Shinichi Akiyama, a former prodigy con man.

One day Yu Shinomiya receives an invitation along with one hundred million yen in cash. On the invitation are the words, “Guide to Liar Game”.

Yu is placed in the most extreme state of mind and reaches out to Shinichi Akiyama, a professor of psychology at Teito University who she had taken a few classes from in the past.

This time, the game is played with 20 players with a bet of 2 billion yen. Each player must play the “Chair Game” and win to receive the award money. This time, there are new players who try to bring down Shinichi, a new administration office, and the one pulling the strings behind curtains. Will they deceive one another? Or will they help each other? And for the benefit of who? The biggest psycho thriller is yet to begin!


Shota Matsuda / Mikako Tabe / Mana Ashida / Makiko Esumi / George Takahashi / Mari Hamada / Jun Kaname