Thermae Romae
Release date: April 28, 2012


All baths are rooted from Rome. Lucius, a design engineer for baths in an empire of ancient Rome is a hardworking man, but incapable of changing with the times. His sincerity towards architecture and earnest personality leads him to lose sight of trends and zeitgeist, resulting in being fired from his occupation. Feeling down, a friend takes him to the public bath house where he accidentally travels through time and continent to a Sento(bath house) in modern Japan. Lucius is fascinated by Japanese bath culture and when he returns back to ancient Rome, begins to implement its ideas and technology to baths in Rome. Unsurprisingly, the outcome is sheer praise by the emperor and his people. Lucius rises to fame, but just for how long can he keep going back and forth through time?


Hiroshi Abe / Aya Ueto / Kazuki Kitamura / Riki Takeuchi / Kai Shishido / Takashi Sasano / Masaki Ichimura