Release date: Npvember 3, 2012


Director Philip Martin (BIRDSONG/PRIME SUSPECT) and Fuji TV director Gaku Narita have joined forces with renowned filmmaker and producer Ridley Scott to co-direct a film inspired by Kevin Macdonald’s “Life in a Day.” JAPAN IN A DAY sets out to explore the opportunity of people in Japan to offer their definitive self-portrait of the country today. Back in spring, Fuji TV asked the world to submit a video recorded on March 11th, 2012, exactly one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The videos were then uploaded to a special page on YouTube. The best entries, judged by the filmmakers, were selected from the submitted videos to complete this all-new original movie. The resulting film has turned out to be a powerful and moving snapshot of “today.” It is dedicated, with deepest sympathy, to those who lost their lives and those who are suffering as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

Directors Philip Martin and Gaku Narita have pulled together the film from more than 8,000 submissions across the globe including Japan, UK, US, Ireland and even Antarctica. There were more than 215 hours of footage from which to select and build the film.


Those who appear in the selected entry footage.