Release date: April 16, 2011


The Film consists of two halves, the first entitled "The Process" and the latter "The Ballet". From when the idea was first broached, Suo had many discussions with Petit about how the ballet came about and how best to adapt it as a film. In addition he interviewed Chaplin's son, Eugene and the dancer who has played Chaplin in every performance of "Chaplin Dances" since its premier, Luigi Bonino. Suo then followed each of the 60 days of rehearsal and preparation to see how the international cast went about tackling the ballet. With cameras rolling the entire time, across Italy, Switzerland and to Japan, he then distilled that footage into the documentary half of the film.
The second half is based on Petit's ballet, "Chaplin Dances" which originally consisted of 20 scenes in 2 acts and from which Suo selected 13 scenes. 
Luigi Bonino dances the role of Chaplin, as he has done in each of the performances of this piece while alongside him, Tamiyo Kusakari plays a number of female roles.

Luigi Bonino
Tamiyo Kusakari