Fear in Painting

Kyoko Nakano, a scholar of German literature published a book in 2007 titled “Kowaie” (Fear in Painting). Having "fear" as its key theme, it focuses on many masterpieces from the history of Western Art, and carefully analyzes the appealing points of these famous pieces. It became a best seller and received a great response of appraisal from many. As the 10th anniversary of the books first publication, and with ‘fear’ as its basis, the exhibition includes carefully selected masterpieces from the series which are displayed in themes. The exhibits include those which the guests will naturally feel the fear just by experiencing them, and some exhibits will require the understanding of the historical background and the situation to feel the fear. This is an expedition which will surely be one that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Event Outline

■VENUE: Ueno-no-mori Museum (The Ueno Royal Museum)
■PERIOD: Saturday, October 7 - Sunday, December 17, 2017
■TIME: OPEN 10:00 AM / CLOSE 17:00 PM (Last entry 30 minutes before closing time)

■On the Day (Tokyo Venue Price: Tax Inclusive)
General Admission: 1,600 Yen
High school/University Students: 1,200 Yen
Elementary/ Junior High Students: 600 Yen
Below Elementary School: Free

■Pre-Reserved and Discount Price for Groups of more than 20 people
General Admission: 1,400 Yen
High school/University Students: 1,000 Yen
Elementary/ Junior High Students: 500 Yen
Below Elementary School: Free

-Pre-Reserved tickets are on sale until Friday, October 6th, 2017.
-Please note that handling charges may be added.
-Please note that there is no ticket charge for guests with a Physical Disability Certificate and
up to one accompany.

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