FUERZA BRUTA - Panasonic presents WA ! - Wonder Japan Experience

The super entertainment of the energetic interaction between the performers and the public with a 360 degree experience, Fuerza Bruta is coming back to Japan!
Having traveled over 30 countries engaging more than 5 million people’s hearts and minds, the show’s new Japan-inspired version “WA ! - Wonder Japan Experience” will arrive here in Japan as the world premiere.
Standing audience will experience a spectacular show by the performers who sing, dance, shout, crawl up the wall in the uninhabitable atmosphere with light and sounds. There will be a massive water pool in the air above the audience…
Don’t miss them go beyond the limits of the body and defy your common sense! This is not VR but a real fantasy for 70 minutes.

Event Outline

■Period: Starting from Tuesday, August 1(2017) ~
(The long-run show has also now been confirmed from December 14th, 2017 onwards)

■Venue Stellar Ball (Shinagawa, Tokyo)
■Ticket Advanced ticket 7,600 yen / Will call ticket 8,700 yen *Children under 3 years old are not permitted in the theater. *Ticket go on sale from 10am on Sat. May 27, 2017.

For further information, please visit their official website.

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