Broadway Musical: Finding Neverland

The fascinating story of how Peter became Pan, and a friendship between him and a man who finds his dream again.

In the late nineteenth century, London, playwright J.M.Barrie falls in a slump because his works never receive positive reviews. One day, he encounters a beautiful widow Sylvia and her four children. Jack, George, Peter and Michael are like Barrie, they also seem to have lost their dreaming mind after their father’s death.

Barrie tries to make them dream again especially Sylvia’s third son Peter, and while playing around with them in an imaginary world, he realizes that he has lost his dream once. Playing with the children inspires Barrie to create an imaginary story Peter Pan, and he decides to make it to a play on the stage. At the time in London, people prefer pieces for upper class and so everyone thinks that Barrie’s play for kids will not sell out well…

Barrie becomes to remember how he had believed in his dream as a child.

Event Outline

■Period September 8 – September 24 (schedule may be modified)
■Venue TOKYU THEATRE Orb (at Shibuya Hiakrie)
■Ticket (tax included, all reserved seating) S seats 13,000 yen / A seats 11,000 yen / B seats 9000 yen *Children under 3 years old are not permitted in the theater.

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