Bhutan ~A Hint to Happiness~

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Bhutan, a special exhibition "The Bhutan Exhibition ~A Hint to Happiness~" will be held from May 21 to July 18, 2016 at The Ueno Royal Museum. Organized in collaboration of the National Museum of Bhutan, the Bhutan Textile Museum, and Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan, this exhibition showcases rare and priceless artifacts totaling over 140 items that belong to the Kingdom, all being unveiled for the first time in Japan.

Bhutan is popularly known as the land of "Gross National Happiness." This exhibition offers a rare and inspiring glimpse of Bhutan's vibrant beauty and artistry. Through the fascinating exhibits of various traditional Bhutanese artifacts illustrating the unique culture and rich history of Bhutan, visitors may discover some hints for peace and happiness in daily life.

Exhibition Outline

■Title    Bhutan ~A Hint to Happiness~
■Period   Saturday, May 21 – Monday (holiday), July 18, 2016
■Venue   The Ueno Royal Museum
■Hours   10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Admission ticket sales end 30 minutes before the closing time of the museum.)