The Super Kabuki II: One Piece

The immensely popular manga series "One Piece" will be adapted into a full-fledged kabuki play to create a new cultural revolution! With kabuki actor Ennosuke Ichikawa IV as the lead, the drama, adventure, and spectacle of the widely beloved series will be recreated on stage as Super Kabuki II. Super Kabuki II is a new style kabuki that combines the Japanese traditional Kabuki acting with modern stage technology including spectacular costumes, synthesizer sound effects, stage art, and laser lighting. Be sure to not miss this opportunity to witness the one-of-a-kind entertainment and join in on the truly unique experience!

Shimbashi Enbujo Theater (Ginza 6-18-2, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

October 7 – November 25, 2015

-Day time performance: Curtain time at 11:00 am
-Night time performance: Curtain time at 4:30 pm

First class: 16,500 yen
Second floor A: 9,500 yen
Second floor B: 5,000 yen
Third floor A: 5,000 yen
Third floor B: 3,000 yen
Balcony: 17,500 yen