Experience an incredible interactive drum-theatre engagement that has been selling out performances world-wide. It is a thoroughly entertaining spectacle for the whole family!

"drumstruck" is the world's first interactive drum entertainment utilizing traditional African percussion instruments like Djembe. Born in Johannesburg of South Africa, "drumstruck" was performed in Australia, China and finally the center of show business, New York in 2005. Exceeding that popularity of "Stomp" and "Blueman," the show garnered attention from audiences off Broadway, achieving a long-run performance that lasted for 18 months.

One of the main features of "drumstruck" is that they provide a compact African drum to everyone in the audience, allowing them to literally bang the drum along and become a part of the troupe. The cast with great trained bodies are dressed in colorful traditional costumes, and their drum performances collaborate with the exhilarating but elegant dance and the beautiful vocal performances, creating a speedy and exuberant atmosphere. Audiences who at first might have felt rather intimidated handling an instrument for the first time will gradually pick up the pace to experience the enchantment of drum beating. In unison with the cast, the crowd will come together as one for a fulfilling euphoric never-before experience.

Past performances from 2008 to 2014 have all been sold out shows, as the Japan tour enters its 8th year this year. It's a fascinating spectacle that's sure to stimulate the deepest area of your cerebrum!

Event Details

■Date: Wednesday, August 19 – Sunday, August 31, 2015

■Venue: The Galaxy Theatre, Tennoz

■Tickets: (Reserved seats only) General: 8,300 yen / Under 18: 5,200 yen