Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi All-night Live 2015 at the foot of Mount Fuji

Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi held an all-night live concert back in 2004 which attracted as many as 75,000 fans. Now 11 years later, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi at the age of 59 is going to have another grand-scale all-night concert, which he claims to be his concert of this type. The event will take place on August 22 at the very foot of Mt. Fuji, with a capacity of 100,000 audience members. Surrounded by the vast wilderness with Mount Fuji right in front, a total of 100,000 audiences will be singing together and sharing the excitement with fellow fans. It’s guaranteed this will be truly a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are 5 options available to access the venue with a chartered shuttle bus service. (JTB tour package). The options are as follows:

1) Take a shuttle bus from the nearest train station.
2) Take a shuttle bus from the parking lot reserved for the concert.
3) By shuttle bus from the designated locations in various cities.
4) Fly in to Shizuoka on the night before the concert and take a shuttle bus next day.
5) Take a shuttle bus from camping sites nearby the concert venue.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll have to take a chartered shuttle bus to access the venue. Here’s why: The 10km radius around the base of Mount Fuji is a restricted area where entering by car, motorcycle, and bicycle or even by foot are strictly prohibited. The only road available is Route 139, which is a two-way street with one lane on each side. Given this situation, if attendees were to take their own vehicles to the site, it would cause a huge traffic jam and they may not even be able to make it to the concert in time.

The doors will open at 11am, which is 10 hours prior to the concert starting at 9 pm. In order to carry 100,000 audience members to the base of Mount Fuji, 120 to 200 shuttle busses per hour will run back and forth between the terminals and the site near the concert venue. Better yet, the journey to Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s concert doesn’t end there… Once they get off the bus, they will still have to walk more than 2 km to reach the venue!

As crazy as it sounds, that’s what it takes to be a part of this extraordinary and outrageous all-night live of Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. Now, who’s up for this extreme challenge? Don’t miss out on this rare and the final chance to experience the legendary all-night live concert of Japanese rock/singer-songwriter extraordinaire Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi!

Event Outline

■ Date & Time: 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 22 – 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 23
■ Venue: The foot of Mt.Fuji “fumotoppara” in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
■ Ticket: tax included 15,000 yen (standing only)
*Separate purchase of JTB tour package is required.
■ Website:
■ Contact: Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (Weekdays: 11am to 6pm / Sat, Sun, and holidays: 10am to 6pm)