This fall, the outstanding young Kabuki star Ebizo Ichikawa XI embarks on his pioneering initiative entitled “Japan Theater.”

Produced and headlined by Ebizo Ichikawa XI, “Japan Theater” kicks off on October 11 at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. The show presents a captivating mix of traditional Japanese performing arts ranging from Noh and Kabuki dancing, Rakugo story telling, to a recitation of an ancient Japanese epic “The Tale of the Heike.” Though these art forms are widely-recognized as representative of traditional culture and classical entertainment to Japan, for them to be presented together on the same stage is extremely rare, perhaps never been realized in history. This one-of-a-kind collaboration between the diverse and unique genres of Japanese art forms is truly enjoyable as it is enchanting. It’s also guaranteed that the audiences will come away from the show with a deeper and wider appreciation of the Japanese cultures.

Show Program

1. Noh Dancing “Yashima”
2. A Recitation “The Tale of the Heike”
3. Rakugo “The Story of Edo”
4. Kabuki Dancing “The Wisteria Maiden”
5. Kabuki Dancing “Otokodate Hananoyoshiwara”

Event Details

Date: Saturday, October 11 – Sunday, October 26, 2014
Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
Tickets: 8,500 yen (tax included) *All seats reserved