Glass Mask

Glass Mask is a work of manga that has marked the history of girls’ manga culture in Japan. It is an enduring masterpiece that has been loved by many generations. The publication that began in 1975 has now grown to 49 manga volumes and over the years, the popular manga has been turned into real-life drama and animation. This time, Glass Mask will appear at Aoyama Theater as a theatrical production.

The main character, Maya Kitajima is a plain and ordinary girl until she meets the legendary actress Chigusa Tsukikage by fate. Touched by the wonders of acting, Maya aspires to become a top stage actress. Along the road to accomplishing her dream, however, she must overcome her rival actress Ayumi Himekawa among other inflicting obstacles. Will she one day be able to star in the fabled “Kurenai Tennyo” production?

Original story by: Suzue Miuchi
Playbook/Director: G2
Shihori Kanjiya
Bunichi Hamanaka (Kansai Johnny’s Jr.)
Ryosei Konishi
Maki Ichiro

Ticket Prices
S seats 9,000yen
A seats 6,000yen
*Tickets go on sale June

Friday, August 15th to Sunday, August 31st
Show times vary by day so please check the website for details.