From marching band to drum corps, the “blast” series is a spectacle that stimulates your visual and auditory senses with a powerful and entertaining stage performance, Appearing on Broadway for the first time in 2001, “blast” swept audiences off their feet and has since been awarded the Tony and Emmy Award.

Performers take on over 12 different kinds of brass instruments and 51 various kinds of percussions to create an action filled top-notch show that is out of this world. Dancers utilize and control visual ensembles such as the flag and baton, magnificently alluring audiences. Combined with an enormous set and vivid lighting, the extraordinary musical experience will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before!

Saturday, June 28th to Saturday, October 4th 2014

Following 2012’s 8th performance in Japan, “blast” returns again this summer to tour across the nation at 47 destinations.

Tokyo performances will be from August 6th to August 24th.