National Museum of Nature and Science
Special Exhibition: Great Journey

"Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" You may be familiar with this quote from Gauguin's representative art work, perhaps the biggest proposition questioned to man. Given birth 4 million years ago in Africa, humankind crossed Siberia and Alaska, arriving in Patagonia of South America, a journey of diffusion named by British archaeologist Brian M Fagan as the "Great Journey." In 1994, explorer Yoshiharu Sekino traveled this "Great Journey," the greatest journey of man from the most southern point of South America in Patagonia to East Africa where mankind was born, spending 8 years and 3 months along the way. This trip was broadcast on Fuji TV as a documentary program from 1995, receiving much praise from viewers.

We at Fuji TV believed that the clue to finding the answer of the biggest proposition might be found in this "Great Journey." How did these ancient people manage to survive in the harsh natural environment around them? In this exhibition, Sekino's journey is revived by the National Museum of Nature and Science's unparalleled academic factors and actual tools utilized by Sekino himself, along with video footage and pictures. Looking back at the "Great Journey" of ancient mankind, Sekino allows us the opportunity to reconsider various issues we face today as modern people, acting as the cornerstone for a better future of humankind.

Date: Saturday, March 16th ~ Sunday, June 9th 2013
Venue: National Museum of Nature and Science (Ueno Park, Tokyo)