American Idiot


Green Day’s mega hit album turned musical has finally arrived in Japan! Having received the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album of the year, GREEN DAY’s “American Idiot” is an album that was released in 2004 which reflected the social and political message towards the U.S. after suffering terrorist attacks of 9/11. The concept album was highly noted as a “punk opera” and received many awards. Drawing songs from this powerful album, and the following album “21st Century Breakdown”, to create this thrilling sensation that is the musical, “American Idiot”.

Premiering on stage at the Berkley Repertory Theater in 2009, the pop punk musical has since toured St. James Theatre on Broadway and across the U.S. on a national tour beginning with Toronto. After touring the U.K. and Ireland in 2012, the long awaited production arrives to Japan after accepting the Grammy and Tony Award.


It’s post 9/11. Three disaffected young men, Johnny, Will and Tunny are struggling to find the meaning of life despite a tough reality strung upon them. Fighting the gap between the ideal and reality, their stories of youth unravel through GREEN DAY’s powerful anthems and sensational stage visuals.

Broadway Musical “American Idiot”

Date: Wednesday, August 7th to Sunday, August 18th 2013
Venue: Tokyo International Forum Hall C
Tickets: S seats 10,500yen / A seats 8,500yen
Tickets on sale now.

For more information, contact Kyodo Tokyo at: 0570-550-799