WALKING WITH DINOSAURS -Live Arena Tour in Japan-

Attracting over 8 million visitors worldwide, “Walking with Dinosaurs” returns to Japan once again after sweeping audiences off their feet with a huge Dinosaur boom in 2010. The super arena live event, “Walking with Dinosaurs” has toured over 237 major cities over a period of 6 years from its initial execution. In Japan, the event sold over 370,000 tickets in a single day.

The live arena tour is based on the acclaimed BBC TV series, “Walking with Dinosaurs”, a virtual documentary program about dinosaurs which has been viewed by over 7 hundred million viewers across the globe, winning 3 BAFTA Awards and 6 Emmy Awards. Documenting the story of dinosaurs from their birth to extinction, 20 real-sized bodies were recreated by internationally prominent staff in the field, in collaboration with scientists and supported by the Animatronics technology. Its figure and size, down to its skin texture are as real as they can get, appearing as if they were actually alive. Visitors will witness these life-sized dinosaurs roaming about in front of their very own eyes, at times even fighting other dinosaurs to obtain food.

The stage is set at 250 million years ago on earth. Visitors will follow their guide fictitious palaeontologist Huxley who will present and narrate as the adventures begin back in time. Created with a budget of 12.5 million pounds, children and adults alike can enjoy this spectacular stage, unparalleled in its capacity and reality.

For approximately 2 hundred million years, dinosaurs dominated earth. Come and experience the ultimate science entertainment show, “WALKING WITH DINOSAURS” that’s sure to take your breath away!

Tour Schedule

Yokohama Arena
10 Performances Total
Friday, July 12th to Monday, July 15th
Inquiries: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (10:00~19:00)

Nihon Gaishi Hall
10 Performances Total
Thursday July 18th to Monday July 22nd
Inquiries: Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100 (10:00~18:00)

Osaka-jo Hall
10 Performances Total
Thursday, July 25th to Sunday, July 28th
Inquiries: Kyodo Information 06-7732-8888 (10:00~19:00)

Saitama Super Arena
16 Performances Total
Thursday, August 1st to Wednesday, August 7th
Inquiries: Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (10:00~19:00)

Marine Messe Fukuoka
10 Performances Total
Thursday, August 15th to Sunday, August 18th
Inquiries: Kyodo Nishi Nippon 092-714-0159
(Weekday/10:00~19:00, Sat/10:00~17:00)

Hiroshima Green Arena
10 Performances Total
Thursday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 25th
Inquiries: TSS Events Department 082-253-1010 (Mon-Fri 10:00~18:00)

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