Grosse de peintre Beat Takeshi Kitano Ekakikozo

Following Paris’ exhibition sponsored by the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, “Grosse de peintre Beat Takeshi Kitano Ekakikozo” has finally arrived in Tokyo! Closing to an astounding success in Paris, the exhibit showcases Kitano’s talents as a modern artist for the first time, aside from his role as a prodigy comedian or globally recognized movie director. Pop culture and science, imagination and satire, beauty and kitsch…all merge together to create an. amusement park-like exhibition. From drawings to installation to movie and work shop, the audience is drawn into Takeshi’s world of unique works produced through distinctive expressionism. Additional pieces created after the Paris exhibition will also be revealed. Don’t miss your chance to feel Kitano’s incisive sensitivity!

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
4/13(Fri)-9/2(Sun) 11AM to 7PM (until 8PM on Fri/Sat)
Closed on Mondays and Aug 5th