Aired on Wednedays from 10:00 to 10:54PM


The Fuji TV’s hit drama “FIRST CLASS” created quite a stir with its thrilling storyline and beautiful cast. Now the drama returns for a sequel and the protagonist Chinami comes back with a whole new attitude and style! Get ready for the new season of backstabbing, fights, schemes, lies and deceit!


The first season depicted Chinami, the gentle-hearted girl with an unwavering determination, as she strives to make her way up the career ladder from being an fashion magazine assistant to an editor-in-chief in the glamorous yet cutthroat world of fashion media. The second season picks up half a year after Chinami left the publisher. Chinami is now an up-and-coming fashion designer at a clothing brand. This time in the high-end fashion brand industry, she’s pitted against other power-hungry women who turn out to be total monsters. But Chinami will be even fiercer to get through her merciless enemies in order to climb to the top and attain her ultimate goal.


Erika Sawajiri
Yoshino Kimura
Kana Kurashina
Sho Aoyagi
Kavka Shishido
Yasushi Fuchikami
Tomoe Shinohara
Chinami Suzuki
Tomoya Nakamura
Keito Okamoto(Hey! Say! JUMP)
Kasumi Yamaya
Nozomi Sasaki
Tomoko Tabata
Rieko Miura
Kimiko Yo
Miwako Ichikawa
Hijiri Kojima
Rie Tomosaka
Mari Natsuki
LiLiCo (Narration)