Dear Sister
Aired on Thursdays from 10:00 to 10:54PM


Misaki and Hazuki Fukazawa are two sisters who couldn’t be any more different. Twenty-seven-year-old Misaki is a pretty, free-spirited girl who may not be book smart but clever in life. Being a typical little sister, she naturally knows how to get her ways with her cute looks and loveable charm. Misaki left home after graduating from high school and no one knew her whereabouts ever since. One day, the troubled little sister suddenly shows up and winds up crashing in to her older sister Hazuki’s apartment. Her two years older sister Hazuki, on the other hand, is very smart and leads what appears to be ordinary yet nice, stable life. She is extremely well-organized, meticulous and the class president type of girl, but she’s a bit awkward and clumsy when it comes to life in general. what no one knows, including her little sister Misaki, is that Hazuki has a secret that she has kept from everyone all these years.

Watch the story unfolds as these two women with nothing in common but a childhood memories and shared DNA live together under one roof. Non-stop arguments and countless troubles are just the beginning. Funny and poignant, richly detailed and wrenchingly real, “Dear Sister” is a story that everyone can relate to and will speak to anyone who’s endured the bonds of sisterhood.


Satomi Ishihara
Nao Matsushita
Takanori Iwata (EXILE/Third Generation J Soul Brothers)
Hiroyuki Hirayama
Kanna Mori
Seiichi Tanabe
Keiko Horiuchi
Nagisa Katahira