Hirugao -Love Affairs in the Afternoon-
Aired on Thursdays from 10:00-10:54p.m.


A “Hirugao wife” is a coined word that was derived from director Luis Buñuel’s renowned film “Belle de Jour.” It points to the married wives who, after sending off their husbands to work, fall in love with another man during the daytime on weekdays. In the traditional sense of an affair, where the man is married and the woman is single, the woman was considered to be a victim. Now affairs have become more varied, such as a double affair in which both partners are married or cases where the man is single and the woman is married, where she is considered the perpetrator. “Hirugao wife” is another example. While there is no justifying of infidelity, why did these women have to cross the line? Can they one day escape the relationship despite their sense of guilt? “Hirugao” follows the lives of these women, what lies beyond the affair and the consequences they suffer from committing such immoral act. What do married women in the modern world desire? Through the lives and sexuality of two women with contradicting personalities, we ask the universal questions: What is Love? Marriage? Family? and Happiness?


Aya Ueto
Michiko Kichise
Takumi Saitoh
Ayumi Ito
Haruka Kinami
Houka Kinoshita
Yasushi Fuchikami
Kosuke Suzuki
Atsuko Takahata
Kazuki Kitamura