First Class
Aired on Saturdays from 11:10-11:55p.m.


Dreaming of working in the fashion world, Chinami Yoshinari (Erika Sawajiri) discreetly sells buttons at a fabric and sewing material shop in eastern Tokyo. By chance, she is led to work at a fashion publishing house, where she thought she would never belong. The glamorous world seems intriguing at first, and Chinami has high expectations for the future. But when she steps foot into the new world, it’s a pandemonium where power hungry women prey on each other to climb higher up on the corporate hierarchy. It may seem ridiculous to those looking in from the outside, but these women are fighting in earnest! Will Chinami be able to establish her status in this “women only world”? What will become of her work, love and financial situation? Will she somehow find a way to grasp happiness despite How will she ever find peace and happiness in this hellhole?.

The fierce battle for power between women to get to the top of the food chain heats up to the max in this modern day version of the Cinderella story, or rather, the story behind the Cinderella story. After all, what kind of woman wouldn’t want to become the “First Class” lady of the century?


Erika Sawajiri

Yuichi Nakamaru

Nozomi Sasaki
Hiroyuki Hirayama
Rieko Miura