Smoking Gun -Critical Evidence-
Aired on Wednesdays from 10:00-10:54p.m.


Based on an original story published on “GRAND JUMP” manga magazine from 2012, “Smoking Gun” is a science human mystery about a private scientific investigative research institution. The main character, Enishi Nagareta (Shingo Katori) is a shrewd investigator at the institution who supports the weak and will not put up with letting matters drop between higher authority. Enishi sports his trademark afro hair and most always has a donut in hand, his favorite food. From DNA testing to picture image/hand writing analysis and fingerprint verification, Enishi utilizes modern day technology to challenge complicated investigations like insurance claims and stalkers, or even proving the innocence of a groping suspect.

Watch Enishi as he cracks down on crime, through his expertise in the field of science. Whenever he discovers critical evidence, you’ll hear him mutter his signature phrase, “Smoking Gun.”


Shingo Katori

Mariya Nishiuchi
Yuma Nakayama
Tamae Ando
Cocone Hamada