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Yukio Mitamura (Ikki Sawamura) is the president of a fast-growing apparel company. He values profit first and foremost, exploiting his employees to overtime work. But rather than feeling bad about burdening his employees, his theory is that in order to produce results in business, hard work and labor are necessary. He doesn’t doubt one bit that his company could be a “black business,” one that is corrupt or tainted black.

The story begins when Mitamura decides to study corporate management at a college. This leads to new beginnings, and initiates change to Mitamura’s social life, that which used to be solitary. Reentering college at the age of 45, he meets Kyoko Akiyama (Meisa Kuroki), a fledgeling professor. He finds himself being drawn to the intellectual woman, although their differing views and environments cause opposition. Mitamura meets a new generation of students at college who have been brought up under the more recent teaching guidelines which are said to have reduced the students’ academic abilities. He mocks at these students, referring to them as idiots.

One day, however, he begins to interact with the students and becomes inspired. He realizes that he still has a lot to learn and this idea eventually transforms Mitamura while influencing others to change their ways at the same time. Will Mitamura be able to keep his pride and arrogance to the end?


Ikki Sawamura
Meisa Kuroki
Ryoko Kuninaka
Mugi Kadowaki
Tasuku Nagase
Sho Takada
Sara Takatsuki