Gokuaku Ganbo
Aired on Mondays from 9:00-9:54p.m.


Unlike many of our Monday night romantic love story dramas in the past, we bring you a thrilling entertainment drama this season that sheds light on the underside of society. Machiko Ono plays Kaoru Kanzaki, the main character who deals with other people’s quarrels and the worst problems. When she was little, her father who ran an electric appliance shop bounced a check and consequently, her family fell into poverty. After graduating middle school, Kaoru takes on whatever job she can to help pay off her family’s debt. She finally manages to save a million yen to her name but hands it all over to a colleague to help her out in time of need. Unfortunately, this act of kindness eventually leads to her to be burdened with even more debt…

Jockeying others, deceiving them, and struggling to free herself from the devious people, Kaoru finds herself slowly climbing up the ladder from the bottom, thanks to her inherent nature of “never giving up.”

It’s the “underworld society” entertainment show you can’t afford to miss!


Machiko Ono
Kippei Shiina
Shohei Miura
Riisa Naka
Riki Takeuchi
Itsuji Itao
Takashi Ukaji