Iryu -Team Medical Dragon 4-
Aired on Thursdays from 10:00 to 10:54pm


The “Iryu” series has always portrayed physicians at the forefront of the medical science, fighting to save patients. In fact, it focuses on the biggest challenge of Television drama, which is to portray the most up-to-date state of medical scene. Every time a new milestone in the medical scene was reached, we delved into its center to reflect on to the storyline. Now, 3 years from the last series, “Iryu” will nonetheless live up to its expectations in season 4.
This time, the theme is “Is it the world or Japan?” Medical care in Japan is ready to be exported to countries of the world following successful exports such as cars and machinery. Major Japanese corporations are buying up hospitals overseas, or developing new hospitals overseas to claim foreign currency through diagnosis of affluent individuals. On the other hand, within the country, many people are spending their days being worried, due to the closing of needed hospitals suffering from management difficulties or lack of doctors. Amid such harsh reality, Ryutaro Asada (Kenji Sakaguchi) and “Team Dragon” come together once again for one purpose: to create the ideal hospital.

“Iryu 4” will bring you a thrilling story that is impossible to predict, while touching your heart and soul. Get ready for the medical drama that outshines all the rest!


Kenji Sakaguchi
Izumi Inamori
Teppei Koike
Sadao Abe

Katsunori Takahashi
Mikijiro Hira

Kuranosuke Sasaki
Mari Natsuki
Ittoku Kishibe