Enter Lieutenant Fukuie
Aired on Tuesdays from 9:00 to 9:54pm


Lieutenant Fukuie (Rei Dan) and Captain Ishimatsu (Goro Inagaki) bring you a detective series like you’ve never seen before! Lieutenant Fukuie may seem like she’s outside of every social circle there is, but her reasoning ability in speculating and solving mysteries is extraordinary. Where everyone else is blind to seeing the complicated truth, she can find essential keys leading to the solution of the investigation. By discovering clues others fail to see, or by making penetrating inquiries, her ability to solve the case is absolutely remarkable.
On the other hand, Captain Ishimatsu is a square contrary to Lieutenant Fukuie. Ever since Fukuie came to work for him, his sense of pride has plummeted. While Fukuie ignores his orders completely to investigate the crime on her own terms, she ends up being the one to take all of the credit. Or could it be that he is letting Fukuie swim freely so that he can take all the credit?
With each episode, the drama will introduce a new culprit who will go against Fukuie to create a mind battle like you’ve never seen before. It’s a mystery masterpiece you won’t want to miss!


Rei Dan
Goro Inagaki
Tokio Emoto